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Auto Insurance Discounts: Questions #1-#3
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Auto Insurance Discounts: Questions #1-#3

Question #1: I’m a safe driver. Can I get a discount?
Some companies call this one a ‘Safe Driver Discount.’ It’s big. If you stay clean with no at-fault accidents and no tickets, you will have better rates on your auto insurance. Savings could be 10-50%, depending on how many incidents you have. Stay safe and you’ll enjoy keeping that extra cash. But don’t forget to shop your policy every 18-24 months. You could still be losing a lot of money with an expensive carrier, even if you’re a safe driver.

Question #2: Do you offer a multiple car (multi-car) discount?
If you only have one car to insure, you can skip this one. But if there are multiple cars in your household, then make sure you mention it. Most agents will automatically add this discount to your policy, but it never hurts to ask. It can be a 10-25% discount. And if they don’t offer it, let me know in the comments – every auto insurance company should.

Question #3: Do you offer a multiple policy (multi-line) discount? 
This is another big one. If you carry more than one policy with your insurer, you can usually get a discount on your car insurance. This is also true for other policies. For instance, if you pick up an auto policy AND a homeowners policy from State Farm, you could get a 10% discount on each policy. Sometimes it pays to keep both car insurance and renters/condo/homeowners policy at the same place.

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