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Health And Home Owner Insurance Tips For College Students
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Health And Home Owner Insurance Tips For College Students

More than 18 million Americans are heading back to campus as more than 4000 colleges and universities start classes.

Many families spend a lot of time preparing for the college year by shopping for dorm room, furniture and setting up monthly budget but many people don’t think about health or home owner insurance for college kids.

A leading insurance group says now it’s the time to start talking how your insurance will cover a child who is away in college.

A family health insurance policy generally covers college age students who enrolled full-time and some policy limit coverage for kids who are geographically far from home.

So, call your corporate HR department to make sure your student is cover when they are on campus.

Homeowner policy generally covers a student for things in their dorm room but if your student lives off campus most insurance policies do not extend to their apartments.

If that is the case, they are likely to have renter insurance to be protected in thief or liability.



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