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Rental Car Insurance Help Guide
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Rental Car Insurance Help Guide

Car rentals are most often cover by your own personal auto insurance but what exactly is covered vary from company to company. The simplest thing is to check your personal insurance policy first, if you don’t feel comfortable with your insurance policy then call your auto insurance agent.

Some auto insurance companies don’t cover long-term rentals, other don’t cover rental for business use. If you combine business and vacation trip, you may not be cover.

If you get into an accident the insurance pays the fee for the medical costs. Your own health insurance and auto insurance may also cover this. Personal items coverage protects you from anything stolen from the car; this might also be cover by your home insurance or rental insurance coverage.

Additional liability insurance covers you if you injure someone with a car or damage property. This coverage applied beyond what the rental car company already provides. The collision damage waiver pays for physical damage to the car, if your auto insurance coverage rental, then this waiver is unnecessary.

Some credit card particular American Express and Gold Visa and MasterCard have some coverage for car rental. Car rental and auto insurance company says to get the best deal and the best protection is for you to know what kind of insurance you need before you walk up to the counter.


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